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  • How to choose a tent?

    1. Tent size (number of users)The general general rule is to calculate according to the requirement of a person with a width of at least 65cm. For example, if two people use it, a width of at least 130cm is required, and the length is generally not less than 2 meters.It should be noted that if the w

  • How to choose a camping tent?

    In recent years, outdoor camping has become the most popular outdoor recreational activity. If you are just stepping into the outdoor recreational activity of camping, the first necessary equipment is a tent!Tent style1. Triangular tents: most of them are double-layer structures, with herringbone ir

  • Is a self-supporting tent better?

    Self-supporting and quick-opening tents are very friendly to novices, you don’t need to build them yourself, and if you want to change places after camping, you can move the tent as a whole, except that the entire tent may be blown away by the wind when you move the tent. It’s perfect. However, if t

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