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How to choose a tent?

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How to choose a tent?

1. Tent size (number of users)

The general general rule is to calculate according to the requirement of a person with a width of at least 65cm. For example, if two people use it, a width of at least 130cm is required, and the length is generally not less than 2 meters.

It should be noted that if the weight is taken into account for hiking camping, you can directly calculate it according to the above method, and generally single account / double account is the main one, but if you drive directly to the camping site, you can +1 or according to actual needs. +2 option, for example, if 2 adults use it, you can choose a three-person account. Children with strong stature can convert and increase the amount by themselves~~

In addition, if you have children or pets with you, it is also recommended to choose the larger one. If you have a large space requirement, you can consider bringing a foyer or matching a canopy.

2. Waterproof coefficient (outer tent is waterproof, inner tent is breathable)

The outer tent is waterproof and the inner tent is breathable, two essential points for high-quality tents.

The most common tent coating is PU coating. PU is a polyurethane polymer organic material. PU coating is a stable low-temperature resistant coating that is commonly used on various fabrics.

The thickness of the PU coating and the coating technology determine the waterproofness of the fabric. The thickness of the coating is expressed in mm, indicating the static waterproof column height of the coating under laboratory conditions.

The PU800 coating shows that the coating does not leak under a static water column of 800mm. PU800 coating can prevent light to moderate rain.

The coating of PU1000-1200 can prevent moderate to heavy rain.

The coating over 1500mm can basically be used in various environments.

Generally, tents are made of breathable fabrics. The breathability of breathable fabrics is bidirectional. When the external humidity is high, moisture will penetrate into the fabric. The texture of nylon cloth mainly depends on the quality of nylon yarn, textile density, dyeing technology and textile technology. In terms of density, there are 170T, 190T, 210D and higher weave nylon fabrics.

3. Strength and resilience of struts

The poles of the tent must have high strength and good resilience. At present, the best tent poles are carbon poles, aluminum alloy, fiberglass, and iron poles (except for the army, which are almost useless).

The wind resistance of a tent is not only related to the texture diameter of the poles, but also related to the number of poles. Generally speaking, the more sets of poles, the better the windproof performance.

4. The bottom of the account should be waterproof and wear-resistant

The bottom of the account is required to be waterproof and durable. Commonly used materials for the bottom of the account are PE cloth and waterproof polyester cloth. The PE tent bottom is used in the middle and low-end tents, and the waterproof polyester cloth is used in the middle and high-end tents. PE is a polyethylene material, similar to low-end snakeskin bags. The actual tent uses PE material with waterproof membrane on both sides, including a large number of export tents. The bottom of the tent touches the ground and is easily scratched by debris, grass roots, branches and other debris. Therefore, before outdoor camping, clean up hard objects on the ground, or use a tent floor cloth and pave the ground as a protective layer. Tent floor cloth generally uses 420D wear-resistant Oxford cloth.

5. Choose a tent with front and rear double doors or facing windows

The tents with front and rear double doors or windows are more conducive to ventilation, ensuring air circulation in the tent, and will not feel sultry during use. At this point, the new quick-opening tent is better designed and has better ventilation.

6. Reasonable design

The tent design should be reasonable, and there should be enough ground and windproof ropes. Auxiliary accessories such as packaging bags, tent nails, and tent ropes also affect the use of tents. The packaging bag should be strong and durable, the number of tent nails must be sufficient, the strength of the aluminum nails must be large, and the tent ropes are used to fix the tent.

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